Thursday, April 17, 2008

Waco Fuck "Paranoia Is Total Awareness"

LIAR 12-5 Waco Fuck "Paranoia Is Total Awareness" LP
500 copies, 100 on clear, ~50 tour sleeves, 15 on clear with black streaks + sticker on back cover, 15 test pressings

LIAR12-5A 10.15.07
LIAR12-5B 27/7 Maniac Lifestyle

Some clear vinyl has black streaks, but the heaviest streaked ones were put aside and #'d/15 on the back cover and given away.  Pics of the tour version coming whenever. 

Loser Life "My Hell"

LIAR12-4 Loser Life "My Hell" 12" ep
500 copies, 100 on marble green, 25 on clear green ("friend's press"), 15 test pressings

LIAR12-4A 12.10.07

Picture shows clear/marble green vinyl and the test pressing.

LIAR12-3 Crime Desire "s/t"

LIAR 12-3 Crime Desire "s/t" LP
500 copies, 100 on white w/ faint black streaks, 15 test pressings

LIAR12-3a 12.10.07
LIAR12-3b [satanic crossl]

Picture shows test pressing sleeve and white vinyl.

Crime Desire "Id Music To Combat the Superego" LP

Crime Desire "Id Music To Combat the Superego"
1,000 copies total 80 on clear, 24 transfer vinyl/band copies with alternate back cover (20 on clear with heavy black streaks, 4 on black with white streaks) 10 test pressings withTotally Racist Records sleeve

LIAR12-2A 1.7.06 THE EEL!
LIAR12-2B 1.7.06 WOOOOOO!

Pictured are the test pressing w/ "crammin' the hoops" sleeve and transfer vinyl/back cover.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Crime Desire "We Hate All Life" 12"

LIAR12-1 Crime Desire "We Hate All Life" 12"
500 copies, 28 (?) with personalized dog tags for Devil's Infinity Children members and inside out covers, 10 test pressings

LIAR12-1A  6.3.04
LIAR12-1B "Dude, I'm all about...So good!"

Note: Pictured are a test pressing, standard sleeve, "inside out" sleeve, and a standard vinyl.

Crime Desire "Nadir" single

LIAR7-7 Crime Desire "Nadir" b/w "Loathsome Ones"
200 regular copies, 32 band copies, 8 each of 4 different covers designed by band members, 15 test pressings

LIAR7-7A 12-10-07
LIAR7-7b Suck it, Lump

From top to bottom: Mike's sleeve front/back, Keithen's sleeve front/back, Colin's sleeve front/back (matt's workign on his), and test pressings of all 3 Crime Desire singles.

Loser Life "I Want the World" ep

LIAR7-6 Loser Life "I Want the World" ep
1000 pressed total, 250 on white vinyl, 24 transfer/gray vinyl w/ "friend's sleeve," 10 test pressings w/ Black Randy parody sleeve


LIAR7-6a 1.11.07
LIAR7-6b And...I'm tired of you

the 24 gray vinyl versions were numbered from darkest to lightest (the picture shows the
progression with a white vinyl copy on the right)  and come with dust sleeves with popsicle sticks and the band logo glued to the cover.

Crime Desire "In Lucifer's Grip" ep

LIAR7-5 Crime Desire "In Lucifer's Grip" 7"
1000 pressed, 100 on red, 20 band sleeves with transfter vinyl, 10 test pressings with Mercyful Fate parody sleeves

LIAR 7-5a 1.11.07

Back cover of each red vinyl version has hand-colored red crosses.
About 3 copies came on really dark red vinyl, to the point where you have to put it up to the light to see any red.  These were paired with 3 sleeves that only printed on one side and had light printing on the cover.  
Each band sleeve has a different page from an historieta (Mexican pocket sized comic books)
There was also 2 sleeves made like this for Ron and Steven in Bakersfield, and one test pressing sleeve with faint transfer vinyl given to the guy from Discourage

LIAR7-4 Last Priest "Hard Calibers" b/w "Unfound"
100 copies, no test pressings, one acetate (owned by Matt)


LIAR74 A  6-23-06  What's Happening?
LIAR74 B Oh, we're being zooped

Waco Fuck "Slow Decay" ep

LIAR7-3 Waco Fuck "Slow Decay" ep
500 copies black vinyl, 10 test pressings


Side A Liar7-3a 5.4.06
Side B Liar7-3b Waaackyyy D!!!!

Picture shows one test pessing and 9 of the 10 UK82 parody sleeves, a different sleeve made for each test pressing.  Me and Dave have copies of each of the sleeves (except I can't find the Business one)

Crime Desire "Id Music" b/w "Fantasy or Reality

LIAR7-2 Crime Desire "Id Music" b/w "Fantasy or Reality"
200 copies, 16 band sleeves (4 sets of 4), 10 test pressings

Liar7-2a "There's four of us, dude"
Liar7-2b "RIP David Peabody  [/]"

Note: Picture shows one complete set of band sleeves, one standard copy, and one of five copies with a pink streak in the vinyl.

Crime Desire "We Hate All Life" single

LIAR7-1 Crime Desire "We Hate All Life" b/w "One Weak Link:"
200 copies, 16 band sleeves (4 sets of 4) 10 test pressings

LIAR 7 - 1 - A   [/]    2.24.04
LIAR7 - 1 - B  2.24.04

Note: Picture shows some screen print disasters and a complete set of band sleeves