Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Crime Desire "In Lucifer's Grip" ep

LIAR7-5 Crime Desire "In Lucifer's Grip" 7"
1000 pressed, 100 on red, 20 band sleeves with transfter vinyl, 10 test pressings with Mercyful Fate parody sleeves

LIAR 7-5a 1.11.07

Back cover of each red vinyl version has hand-colored red crosses.
About 3 copies came on really dark red vinyl, to the point where you have to put it up to the light to see any red.  These were paired with 3 sleeves that only printed on one side and had light printing on the cover.  
Each band sleeve has a different page from an historieta (Mexican pocket sized comic books)
There was also 2 sleeves made like this for Ron and Steven in Bakersfield, and one test pressing sleeve with faint transfer vinyl given to the guy from Discourage

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